Equal Access for Transgender People

Training Manual

This HUD publication contains  information on Fair Housing and Anti-Discriminatory Policies as it relates to the LGBT community.  All housing providers are required to abide by Fair Housing and Anti-Discriminatory laws as it relates to all populations, regardless of funding source.  

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HMIS Traininig at Ocala Police Department Conference room. January 31, 2018 at 9:00 am.

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Break the Silence on Violence!

Family Violence is defined as abuse among people who live together or who are related by kinship or trust. Examples include child abuse, teen dating violence, domestic violence and elder abuse.

The Marion County Children’s Alliance  in partnership,  works in conjunction with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, the Ocala Police Department, judicial and juvenile justice departments and other organizations in an effort to create a community environment that promotes and supports non-violent, familiar relationships.

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